De-form Products

As Saigoneses who love Bien Hoa pottery, the De-form team combines traditional Bien Hoa pottery making techniques, i.e. under-glaze carving and enamel dotting, with distinctive characteristics of the Saigonese to create three main product lines, including tea & coffee accessories, tableware and home decor.

At De-form, we take great care in everything we produce to satisfy different customer needs. Also, each decorative detail of our pottery helps customers learn more about the fascinating culture of the Southern Vietnam and the dynamic lifestyle of Saigon. This is also the way De-form chooses to introduce the culture of Saigon to the world.

More than a cup of coffee. We take care of the way you enjoy your drinks.

Enjoy your meal by a difference way.

Bien Hoa pottery received great attention in the 1930s with the new decorative techniques and glaze formulation brought by the French. These methods were combined with local materials and indigenous cultural elements to produce a unique Vietnamese pottery line