Throwing pottery on a wheel is the oldest traditional method appearing a long time ago. Before the electricity was invented, ancient craftsman used their feet for rotating the wheel, then, their hands and their fingers have to work fluently together for forming the shape of clay on the wheel. Nowadays, electric pottery wheels help potters too much; however, hand building techniques are still the best ways for creating the best unique, perfect and special ceramics ever.

In the age of industrial ceramic products, the handmade pottery pieces creating by wheel still have the important role because of their unlimited unique, creativity and delicacy. However, pottery throwing skills require a talent or you have to practice as much as you can with your patience and persistence. At De-form, our experts will instruct those pottery techniques, as well as ideas you can apply to your own project, these step-by-step wheel-throwing instructions will help you improve your pottery throwing skills from concept through completion.

Ready to take a class?

De-form has 2 classes for you to choose:

  • Beginning Throwing Class:
    Target: this is a good option to the people who want to get a feel for using the pottery wheel and understand more about the pottery.
    Fee: 50,000 vnd/hour (no instruction); 100,000 vnd/hour (including instruction)

In case you want to glazing and firing your clay piece.
Glaze material fees: 20,000-40,000 vnd/color.
Firing fees: based on the dimension of ceramic products.

  • Advanced Throwing Class (3 hours x 2 days/week):
    Target: for the people who is passionate with pottery throwing skills and want to master those most sophisticated techniques.
    Fee: 1,200,000 vnd/month (free for firing 1 ceramic product)
    *** Student can self-study at De-form studio in their free time.

Need more information?
+ Call us: (+84)93 633 200
+ Email us: deformpottery@gmail.com
+ Address: 81/12 Huynh Man Dat St., Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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