Have you ever though that you could create your own ceramic mugs, plates or bowls? Just imagine when you and your loved ones enjoy a cup of coffee or decorate a dinner with your own handmade pottery items. De-form makes sure that not only the taste will absolutely be better, but the feeling will also be more fulfilled.

What to Expect

During the course, you will learn hand-building techniques, how to use the potter’s wheel, glazing techniques, and the basics of high temperature firing. Then, you can have a chance to make your own special mug, plate or bowl in the most creative and beautiful way as you think it should be according to the instruction of De-form’s experts.

Course details

Estimated time to complete one product:  2 sessions_ Session 1: Forming and Decorating products. Time: 3 hours _ Session 2: Glazing of your clay piece. Time: 1.5 hours. After completing glazing, De-form will dry and fire the product for 7 days.****De-form will contact you when your pottery piece have been fired and are ready to be picked up.

Ready to take a class?

+ Registration fee: 500,000 per person

This covers materials used, including clay, glazes, tools, instruction and the cost of glaze firings the product with 15x15x15cm at the studio.

+ Discounts for groups:

_ Group of 3 people: 5% discount

_ Group over 3 people: up to 10% discount

After the Pottery Mugs, Plates and Bowls Class, each student will receive the 20% discount coupon from De-form applying for the next course.

What to bring

Remember to wear some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, clip your fingernails for the best experience, bring your creative spirit and get ready to play-in-clay.

Studio timeClasses are opened regularly from Tuesday to Sunday.Time: 09:30, 13:30, 16:00

*** Note: Please reserve a place for the preparation of instructors and materials.

Need more information?

+ Call us: (+84)93 633 200
+ Email us: deformpottery@gmail.com
+ Address: 81/12 Huynh Man Dat St., Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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