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As Saigoneses who love Bien Hoa pottery, the De-form team combines traditional Bien Hoa pottery making techniques, i.e. under-glaze carving and enamel dotting, with distinctive characteristics of the Saigonese to create three main product lines, including tea & coffee accessories, tableware and home decor.


At De-form, we take great care to helps customers learn more about the fascinating culture of the Southern Vietnam and the dynamic lifestyle of Saigon. This is also the way De-form chooses to introduce the culture of Saigon to the world.

Workshop For Organization


Wheel throwing pottery class

Throwing pottery on a wheel is the oldest traditional method appearing a long time ago. Before the electricity was invented, ancient craftsman used their feet for rotating the wheel, then, their hands and their fingers have to work fluently together for forming the shape of clay on the wheel. Nowadays, electric pottery wheels help potters too much; however, hand building techniques are still the best ways for creating the best unique, perfect and special ceramics ever.


How we make our product?

Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions. In the age of industrial ceramic products, the handmade pottery pieces creating by wheel still have the important role because of their unlimited unique, creativity and delicacy. Pottery throwing skills require a talent or you have to practice as much as you can with your patience and persistence.


Kiln fired to 1175º C, each piece is durable and safe for the microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. All stoneware is lead free & food safe.