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Dong Nai has Bien Hoa pottery. And Bien Hoa has the first pottery vocational training school in Indochina.100 years ago, the French couple together with their students marked a milestone for the local pottery industry. They engraved distinct motifs into water jugs, flower pots, pedestals. Especially they combined with unique glazes made from rice straw ash, stove ash, glass … All of which could be found in every house in the area at that time. Bien Hoa pottery industry started to flourish when the pottery products of the School got great attention at the Paris International Exhibition (1925). Over a hundred years later, the old village has changed. The old kilns have gradually been abandoned. Nevertheless the De-form team still retains the techniques of Bien Hoa fine art pottery making. We learning the craft from the Bien Hoa pottery artisans. A river will disappear if it stops flowing, so will a tradition. Therefore, De-form opens classes where you can create your own Bien Hoa pottery artifact(s) in your own style right

Our Workshop

If you do not have a lot of time, a 2-hour experiential class will be enough to listen our artisans’ talk about Bien Hoa Pottery and the intercultural history of Vietnam. Last but not least, you will have a chance to create hand-made pottery by traditional pottery tools made from used utensils.

Have you ever though that you could create your own ceramic mugs, plates or bowls? Just imagine when you and your loved ones enjoy a cup of coffee or decorate a dinner with your own handmade pottery items. De-form makes sure that not only the taste will absolutely be better, but the feeling will also be more fulfilled.

During the course, you will learn all the pottery process in basic: hand-building techniques, how to use the potter’s wheel, glazing techniques, decoration techniques. Specially, you will have a chance to control the kiln for your pottery work fired.

Throwing pottery on a wheel is the oldest traditional method appearing a long time ago. Before the electricity was invented, ancient craftsman used their feet for rotating the wheel, then, their hands and their fingers have to work fluently together for forming the shape of clay on the wheel.

Get the details on practicing a wide variety of ceramic glazing techniques from basic to
advance. Discover the amazing colorful ceramic glazing world and experiencing how to
custom your own unique glazes

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Wheel throwing

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