Basic Pottery Course

What to Expect

During the course, you will learn all the pottery process in basic: hand-building techniques, how to use the potter’s wheel, glazing techniques, decoration techniques. Specially, you will have a chance to control the kiln for your pottery work fired.

Course details

1. Lesson 1: Hand building – Pinching pots
2. Lesson 2: Hand building – Coil building techniques
3. Lesson 3: Hand building – Slab techniques
4. Lesson 4: Surface decoration – Carving techniques, wire faceting techniques,
embossing techniques.
5. Lesson 5: Surface decoration – Making color slips (mixed between ceramic
pigments and clay)
6. Lesson 6: Surface decoration – Basic of glazing techniques
7. Lesson 7: Hand building – Basic of wheel throwing techniques
8. Lesson 8: Firing techniques (students will fire their own ceramics)

Ready to take a class?

  • Registration fee:

+ Sat and Sun 2,420,000 VND /12 Classes

+ Tue to Fri: 1,940,000 VND/12 Classes

(This covers materials used, including clay, glazes, tools, instruction and the cost of glaze firings).

  • Days/Times:

– Instruction from teachers: 2 hours x 8 days

– Practice time at De-form’s studio: 2 hours x 4 passes 

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